About This Project

January 2014. The UK has just opened its doors to Romanian nationals, and Alex Delescu takes the road trip from Bucharest towards a new life in London. Along the way he will discover what it means to be a new European today; a target and scapegoat for press and politicians to attract widespread popular support in a continent mired by crisis.

Created for the Radical Democracy Challenge, CACOFONIE (cacophony) suggests that while freedom of expression is a right, violent attacks and racism against Romanians and Bulgarians are growing all over Europe fuelled by rhetoric from the likes of The Daily Mail, Geert Wilders, UKIP and Hans-Peter Friedrich. To what extent is this language putting at risk the futures and freedom of the newly adopted EU nations? What responsibilities do we have as Europeans? Does freedom truly exist in today’s EU?

We’ve got to talk.

Director / Producer / Editor : Victoria Fiore
Cast : Alex Delescu
Cinematographer : Alfredo de Juan
Projection Camera Operator : Domenico Palomba
Asst Director (Projection) : Jack Jones
Sound Recordist (Projection) : Jonny Hereward
Sound Designer (Projection) : Dominic Kennedy
Production Assistants (Projection) : Lois Dryland & Hannah MacDouall